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Berrington Parish Council

Smart Water

At their June meeting Berrington Parish Council agreed to sign up to the Police & Crime Commissioners Smart Water initiative .This will be rolled out during September /October of this year.

With this initiative the Parish Council will buy sufficient household packs of Smartwater to enable every household within the parish to have a pack to mark all their valuable property with . This is FREE to all households, the Parish Council will stand the cost of these packs.

It is a very simple process to mark your property as the liquid comes with a small applicator and one drop is all that is needed. It is recommended that the marks are put on hall marks of jewellery and in cracks or niches where it will be harder to remove and detect to the naked eye.

Once the parish has 70% of  the packs are distributed and registered with the Police Authority , we will be eligible for free signage to be put up at all the entrances to the villages telling all that we are a Smartwater Parish .This has proven to be a very effective deterrent for criminals who do not want to have any property marked with Smartwater in their possession as the conviction rate is extremely high if they are caught.

Smart water does not guarantee that if you lose your property it will be found, however any property that is marked is easily identified by a simple process and can then eventually be returned to you.

The Police regularly visit scrap yards and second hand shops to search for any items showing Smartwater on them and if any items are found then these people are prosecuted.


Please do ensure that you come along to the roll out day when it is set and get your free pack of Smartwater.